Know how to Extract BKF file?

BKF Repair software allow user to Explore BKF file contents & extract specific files and folders from BKF file. You can select files to be saved while extracting files from BKF file.

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Click Extract button from menu to extract and save whole BKF file to desired location.

Extract BKF File

Extract Files from BKF File

To extract specific files from BKF file, locate that particular file and select the file from File View, Right click the file then select Extract File from popup menu.

View BKF File

Extract Folders from BKF File

To extract specific folders from BKF file, select folder from Explore View, Right click the folder then select Extract Folder from popup menu.

Search BKF File

Extract Whole or Complete BKF Files

To extract complete BKF file, Select BKF file from Explore View, Right click the BKF file name shown in the tree then select Extract from popup menu. After this, BKF Repair software will ask you to locate the location to save the file. Choose the desired location and Click on OK to begin the file(s) or folder extraction process.