Know How to Open BKF File with BKF Restore?

Start BKF Repair. Go to Start » Programs » BKF Repair. Open BKF Repair tool

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Open Corrupt Backup File

Click on Quick or Deep Scan button to quickly open corrupt BKF file and explore bkf file contents.

Quick and Deep Scan

BKF Repair start loading all files and folders from corrupt BKF file in Windows explorer like structure as shown below:

Load BKF File

After successfully loading the damaged Windows Backup file, users can view files & explore files in BKF file, search bkf , or you can extract bkf files from corrupt BKF files.

Close BKF File – Our BKF Restore is designed & developed with a unique capability of "on-the-fly" loading of file just one after another. After extracting files and folders, you can close the loaded BKF file and open another BKF file.

To close current or loaded BKF file, Select Action menu, then click on close:

Close BKF Explore

After this, BKF Repair will display its initial screen:

Open Another Corrupt BKF File

To open another Corrupt BKF files, click on Load button as discussed above.