The Ultimate Guide to Restore Faulty BKF File

NTBackup – An Important Backup Utility: NTBackup tool is the backup utility in almost all Windows Operating System versions including 2000, 2003 and XP. Backups are crucial and the safest way to safeguard your significant data. With NTBackup, you can save you important data. These files are stored with .bkf extension are saved in MTF file format.

Error Messages: It sometimes happens that while restoring the BKF file from NTBackup, you come across certain error messages, which do not allow you to execute backup file restoration process. The reason for this error message is corruption in BKF files. After the error message appears, restoration process automatically stops, leading to BKF damage. For instance, when you try to restore data from a BKF file on the domain controller(a server that has Active Directory service installed) running Windows Server 2003, you see the error message mentioned below:

“Backup Status
Operation: Backup
Active backup destination: File
Media name: "bkup_file.bkf created MM/DD/YYYY at HH:MM AM|PM"
NTDS has reported a VSS error 0x800423f0...”

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Know About VSS: The VSS (Volume Shadow Copy server) is different in the 32-bit versions and the 64-bit versions of Windows Operating System. A BKF file uses different catalogs even if it is created using the 32-bit VSS interface and needs a 32-bit VSS based backup tool for the process of restoration. Now, if you make an attempt to restore that BKF file with a 64-bit Windows version, then the catalogs corrupt and make BKF file inaccessible.

Reason for Corruption: Now, for proper restoration in Windows Server 2003, you need the database and the log files at the same disk volume or on different storage drives. But, the above VSS error issue generally occurs when one volume (Log or DIT) is on the system drive. It results in BKF corruption; owing to which, BKF file restoration process fails. To get back corrupted BKF file data, you need to use some efficient software tool to access and extract the data from these corrupted BKF files.

Software to Restore Faulty BKF File

To get rid of the above problem and above mentioned error, you can restore corrupted BKF files and access your data saved in the corrupted BKF file, with the help of a third-party tool to repair corrupted BKF files. Such backup restore tools use fast algorithms to scan and repair corrupt BKF files. An advanced and powerful backup recovery tool, like BKF Repair software, is what you need.